Online Boxman is a classic puzzle game, also call Sokoban. Login Boxman and start your game.
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	*Boxman is a classic puzzle game, it is also called Sokoban.

	*Boxman includes:
		88 on-the-fly levels, also random on home page.
		306 standard levels. (need sign in)
		104 bonus levels. (need pass standard levels)

	*To complete the level, you must push all the boxes into the defined area.

	*You can use both mouse and keyboard to play BoxMan.

		Right-click mouse button -> Push the box to move.
		Left-click mouse button  -> Move the box-man.

		Arrow Left, Right, Up, Down -> Control to move the box-man.
		Back space -> Undo the last step.

	*Have fun!

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